Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Just some musings...

I've been studying a lot lately about the sovereignty of God in our suffering. 

I have to write a paper. The problem is, I have to write a paper. Let me explain. 
The sovereignty of God is a huge issue all on its own. I could easily fill 40+ pages discussing the various aspects of God's sovereignty, without even repeating myself! 

On top of that, though, we have the specific focus of God's sovereignty in our suffering. 
Now, suffering is a huge issue as well. Suffering is the play-fellow of every single human being, in one way or another. (For me, it's suffering, I'm kidding. I just thought it was funny.)

So, I could also easily write 40+ pages on suffering. But I'm supposed to write a paper about God's sovereignty in suffering, and I'm supposed to keep it at about 12 pages? HOW? 

I honestly believe that this study has been useful. First of all, it's never going to be a dusty, on-the-shelf-knowledge kind of knowledge. I've suffered quite a bit in my life, and I've no doubt that I'll suffer more before my Saviour calls me home. So studying about trusting in God through suffering is beneficial to me for purposes of faith and living for Jesus. Because that's what I want to do. 

Second, it's going to be knowledge that I can apply to witnessing and evangelism. How many people are in the world? And how many of those people are hurting? Yeah, I thought so too. 

If I can minister or witness to even one person about God's sovereignty, and help them to realize that He is good and faithful, and that they can trust Him no matter what they're going through, then I can bring glory to God through spreading the gospel. 

This is what knowledge is for, isn't it? What's the use of knowing something that can't be shared? It's pointless! Absolutely pointless. 


  1. I want to read your paper when you're done. It is a vast subject, isn't it?

  2. Yes, only 12 pages. 12! AArgh

    And yes, it's VAAST! My problem is, I have a lot that I THINK of writing, but then I go blank when trying to fit it in to so small a space.

    How do you fit a mountain in a lunchbox??


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