Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What if

What if I began to be mesmerized by beauty? 
What if I adored the adorable? 
What if I loved the lovable? 
In this way what if my love grew more and more, until finally 
it overflowed and I could love the unlovable too?

What would happen if I started with the most lovable and spilled down from there? 
If I watered others with grace and love, flowing down from the Source, from the Spring, from the Fountain -
God is love. 
What if I start with loving God? 
From there I would have a strong foundation on which to stand. 
From that strong foundation of love to God I would be able to reach out and 
to love even those who do not love me in return; 
because the source of my love is not found in their love for me, 
which can be fickle or nonexistent, 
but in God's love for me, which is infinite and neverending. 

We rely so much on equal parts in a relationship. 
We give only as much as we get, and no more. 
What if I gave more? 
What if I ventured into the unknown?
What if I exhausted myself in loving others, 
poured myself out in showing others the beauty and mercy of 
the Beautiful Merciful One? 
What if I cared nothing for what I received in return, 
only what I could give?

Why am I so afraid? 
I want to grip the hands of my Father in heaven and let him twirl me around, 
lift me into the air and set me down in a different place - 
a place that might even be precarious, were it not for 
his steady hands holding me tight. 

If I stand on the brink. 
If I take a deep breath. 
If I plunge in. 

What then?


  1. "What if I exhausted myself in loving others"

    You'd probably be eaten by wolves.


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