Thursday, 7 November 2013

God, my all-sufficiency,
Breathe anew life into me.
Give me peace in time of trial.
Let me not Your Word revile.
Let not all my enemies
Gloat and say Your victories
Are false, and that You have no power.
Give me grace for every hour.
Let me now Your mercy see
And know just what it means for me.
Let me hear my Saviour's words
of comfort; that neither the birds
nor hairs upon my head shall fall
But by Your Word. You rule in all.
Your sovereign grace omnipotent,
Your will unchanged, unmatched, unbent;
Your purpose Satan cannot thwart.
O Lord, still captivate my heart.
Let me trust Your promises
No matter what the devil says.
And my own sinful heart might be
So fickle; O, but God, let me
Remember yet Your faithfulness
And dwell in Your unchanging grace.


  1. Rather dark poems as of late.

    Let's change the beat.

  2. Happy Holidays, Linda. :3

  3. Thank you! The same to you, my friend. :)


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